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Tour Hotel

The Group Tour Hotel offers unique accommodation choices in Greece.

The Group features the hotels Arion, Achilleas and Acropolis Hill in the center of Athens, as well as Kalamaki Beach Hotel near the city of Corinth, just an hour and a half from the bustling capital.

All the Group’s hotels are either brand new or fully renovated, offering a comfortable stay in an environment of modern urban aesthetics, impeccable service and high quality services.

The staff is always willing to take care of the visitors’ needs and to provide information and services, such as reservations, tours, transportation to various sites, car rentals etc.

Last but not least, any kind of wedding receptions, parties, professional dinners, conferences and meetings can be hosted in the fully upgraded facilities of the Group’s hotels. The experienced and trained personnel guarantees for the absolute success of any event.

For any traveling services, like transfers, tickets, tour guides and reservations, please contact the Tourhotel Travel office.

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