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The archeological museum of Corinth

The museum of Corinth was designed and built in 1931 by the architect W. Stuart Thompson and it’s located right on the ancient site, where numerous excavations have taken place over the years, mainly by American archeologists. The building was expanded to the west, about 20 years later. All the findings are from the pre-historic, the Geometrical and the Hellenistic periods, as well as from the Roman and the Byzantine eras, with a plethora of sculptures, amphorae, inscriptions and ceramics.

The museum is open from 08.45 in the morning until 05.00 in the afternoon, during the winter months, and between 08.45 and 07.00 in the afternoon, during the summer.

If you are planning on visiting the archeological site, it’s better to start from the ancient road of Lechaion, on the north side. From there you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole site. Moving along the pedestrian alley you will find yourselves in the Agora. On the right side of the street you will see the Basilica, which was built in the 1st century AD and on your left you will see the Roman Baths, the Apollo Temple and the Pirini Spring.

Ancient Corinth is about 7 kilometers southwest of the modern city.

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