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Peloponnese – A fabulous destination in Greece

The Peloponnese is a truly amazing winter and summer destination, since it was fabulous beaches and imposing mountainous areas. There are numerous seaside towns, villages, traditional settlements and castle-cities. Archeological sites, unique topogeography, historical towns, monuments, churches and at the same time endless entertainment options, such as restaurants, bars, clubs, coffee places, beach bars and traditional taverns. The Peloponnese truly does have everything and this is why every year people from all over the world visit and explore this beautiful area of Greece.


Corinth is only 90 kilometers away from Athens Greece and provides visitors with a wide variety of entertainment and leisure options. There are many seaside villages nearby, with beautiful beaches and endless dining options. Corinth used to be the capital of Greece during the Roman Empire, something that explains the great number of palaces and buildings from the Roman Era.

In the contemporary town of Corinth there are many restaurants with fresh fish, bars, clubs and traditional taverns. The nearby villages, including Vrahati, Kiato, Loutraki and many more, are very popular destinations during the summer months, due to the nice long beaches that attract thousands of people over the weekends.

Restaurants & bars in Corinth

Corinth, being a big city of the Peloponnese, has a particularly vibrant nightlife. Visitors will have a wide variety of dining choices, the majority of which are ideally set by the water or on the stunning beaches of the area.

Enjoy your wonderful vacations in Greece, where civilization blends with history and tradition is combined with modern life. Impressive mountainous areas, endless sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and mouthwatering world famous cuisine. What more can you ask for?

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